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Will we call Pence a President?

Please note that we don’t root for neither impeachment of Donald Trump nor not his 4-year term. However, aster Robert Mueller started indictment process versus 3 and now 4 people connected tom Trump campaign, one must wonder, what if?

What if Mike Pence becomes the President of the United States

25th ammendment

As a matter of the 25th Amendment, Mike Pence and 8 other cabinet members can take over the White House if they provide a written statement to the speaker of the House.

What then?

Interestingly enough, a lot of people chanting for Trump’s Impeachment don’t actually realize what they are chanting for.

As we see it, Donald Trump is like a swarm of bees. Or a band of goats. They will come and do damage, but you can hear them closing in. Speaking in Donald Trump’s language, it’s like a big casino with welcome bonus for free. It’s shiny and loud. And, if you read the terms and conditions, you can be prepared for whatever comes.

According to the 25th Amendment, if Pence took over, he would probably serve the whole term rather than organize a new election. Meaning that if today Donald Trump would be impeached, Mike Pence would take over for the remaining 3 years. And Pence is much different kind of a beast, figuratively speaking. As a president, he wouldn’t be a shiny sign on the casino or a band of goats.

trump pence

Rather. he would be like a snake. Silent and dangerous. Because policy-wise Pence is no different from Trump. But instead of a loud warning bells, you wouldn’t hear anything. The damaging policy would be enacted without making a slightest noise.

We neither stand with the president nor the vice president. But it is clear as day which one of them would be more damaging to the democratic principles of the country. And we understand that debating president’s tweets every hour of every day is frustrating, but the alternative is much worse.

Because what Pence would bring to the table is not only the principles of a good Christian republican, he would probably be able to pass the incredible damaging tax cuts for the rich, would block any free-speech legislation.

Of course, the 25th Amendment has never been enacted. It’s hard to predict what would happen. It’s hard to even imagine that republicans go against their own republican president.

But crazier things have happened.

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