How do people choose their president in the US?

Electing a leader is an important role as a citizen of a democratic country.It determines how a country will function and flourish within the allotted term. The election in the United States is held on every Tuesday after the first Monday in November. However choosing a president is different in the States because votes by citizens solely do not decide who the president is. An indirect system of voting is conducted by the Electoral College. For a candidate to win, he or she needs to have at least 270 electors voting for them. The president can be elected for a maximum of two terms, and each term consists of 4 years. In this article, we will be talking about how presidents in the US are elected.

Before we go on to how people choose the president of the United States, let us have a brief introduction of how presidents are nominated. The present is elected after a period of every four years. Each political party nominates their candidate who will stand for the elections.This is done during the primary elections and caucuses. Primary elections are conducted by the state and local governments. On the other hand, caucuses are conducted by the political parties as private events. Depending on the state, some conduct both primary elections and caucuses. Some conduct just one of the two. The primary elections and caucuses determine how many delegates each political party can have. Then a presidential candidate is nominated by the delegates who will later represent the political party. The candidates have to meet the set three requirements:

  • One must be a citizen of US.
  • One has to be at least 35 years of age.
  • One must be a resident of the US for the past 14 years.

There are two major parties in America- theRepublican Party and the Democratic Party. After candidates are nominated, election campaigns are held by them in the entire country. Debates are held and broadcasted nationally.During the general elections, any citizen 18 years old and above can take part in the election of the president.

An important component of the election system in the US is the Electoral College. The president is voted and elected indirectly by the Electoral College. Votes are also cast by the citizens however they are not the sole decider on who becomes the President. The votes of the Electoral College along with the votes by the citizens decide who the president is. The Electors also vote for the Vice President. Each of the 50 states and District of Columbia in the US has a certain number of seats in the Electoral College, and they represent their respective states while voting. The number of electors in each state differs. The members of the Electoral College are chosen by the people of the state, and there are 538 electoral votes in the entire country. So this is how the citizens of the US choose their president.

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