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The Next Election: Facts about Midterm 2018

As we are on the brink of the New Year, Donald Trump has been in the White House for the whole year. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you probably won’t argue that it hasn’t been a crazy year.

The most important thing now is the investigation which will or will not reveal damning evidence of the Trump campaign collusion with Russian officials. So, let’s leave that until we get to see the actual results.

What’s next is 2018 Midterm Elections which, no matter who you are, will be incredibly important for you.

2018 elections

Currently, in U.S. the 5 main issues on the agenda are:


Tax reform

Gun Control

There are also smaller issues that, interestingly enough, a majority of Americans also agree. Like getting the money and corporations out of the politics, and removing the gerrymandering.

You know these are bipartisan issues. Citizens on both aisles agree that people with mental health issues shouldn’t be able to get guns, while healthcare should be affordable.

Look for common ground

donald trump

There is a serious problem nowadays when people stand for their party but forget their promises to the people. That’s horrific. That’s not keeping up with your values. It’s hiding behind your peers.

There is a serious problem nowadays when people stand for their party but forget their promises to the people.

The same happened just now when Trump’s Tax Plan passed the Senate 51 to 49. It promises large cuts (that will apply to households earning over $1 million).

Tax cuts are always great? Well, are they really?

Because we will still have to pay for pensions, disability benefits, infrastructure, etc. ‘Tax cuts’ simply means that we have less money to spend on already crumbling pipes, roads and bridges.

Also, is it even a tax cut if for low-middle income families the taxes will go up and Medicaid prices will increase?

American citizens – we all have something in common whether we are talking about fixing the roads or wanting to be able to play free spins without deposit from your home.

Time to challenge yourself

mid ter melections

The election is less than a year away. It will result in either a win for the democrats or the republicans.

That’s how elections work. Finding an ideal, morally untainted candidate is impossible. So, even if you have to look ‘over the fence of your own party’, try to find a person who will represent YOU.

No matter what you believe, don’t stick with the candidate just because he is a member of the party you feel closest to.

You know what, politicians like me will find a way to survive. What you must do is challenge yourself. Think of three values or issues you stand for and why. And test on those issues the candidates you will vote for. your party.

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