Interesting facts about the American president Donald Trump

Donald Trump may be hated by lots of US citizens but he’s view towards America is to develop and promote positive influence in multiple factors of the country.

Donald Trump is currently the president of the United States. He is the only candidate for president who has its own board game. Facts like this are something that you may not know about Donald Trump.

There are many facts about Donald Trump, and these facts are interesting, and some are hilarious. Read them out.

So here are some interesting facts about Donald Trump which you might not know.

  1. Before Donald Trump became the president of United States, he almost got filed for bankruptcy. This incident happened back in 1991, and the reason behind this bankruptcy was due to massive personal and business debts. Lots of debt was garnered from financing Taj Mahal and Casinos. Few years after the bankruptcy Donald Trump acquire 50% of Casino share from the Bondholders. The period to pay off the debt was also extended. Today Donald Trump approx net worth is 4 Billion $ and he owns more than 100 companies.
  2. Trump does not consume any alcohol and drugs. Reason being his brother Fred. According to an interview with Steve Forbes, Donald Trump said “Fred was an example in its own way. That fantastic guy got caught up with alcoholism and lost his life. The struggle for Alcohol was tough during Fred’s high school.
  3. Donald Trump may look like a lazy slob, but when he was 13, his parents sent him to New York Military because he was a very energetic and active young boy. His parents thought that the Military school would teach him some discipline. After he graduated from New York Military Academy in 1964, he continued his studies at Fordham University and then the University of Pennsylvania.
  4. Donald Trump is a political person which we all know, but he is also a business tycoon as well as the person who has an interest in American Football. Donald Trump was the owner of New Jersey General of the great United States football league. Now the club is not His anymore since he sold the franchise to J. Walter Duncan in 1983. He sold his club so that can work on other construction projects.
  5. Now let’s talk about the interesting fact about the family of Donald Trump. Donald Trump had three wives, Ivana (1977-1992), Marla Maples (1993-1999) and Melania Knauss. Melania Knauss is her current wife, and they are married since 2005. So for the whole family, there are five children. Donald Jr. (1977), Ivanka (1981), Eric (1984), Tiffany (1993) and Barron (2006).

Donald Trump is the president of United States. Whether you like it or not he is going to be the president for the next couple of years. So if you think these facts are interesting, tell them to your friends and amaze them with some of the Donald Trump facts.

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