Some facts about the US Constitution

The US Constitution runs according to the four-page documents by the founding fathers. The US Constitution is running since 1988 according to the trail-blazing.Although some see the constitution as a guiding frameworks of the US, the majority of the US citizens think that the US Constitution should run exactly like the documents.

It js an extraordinary achievement in itself that how long since the Constitution was introduced and brings many positive Political and Social changes.

So here some amazing and interesting facts about the US Constitution

  1. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are the founding fathers of the Constitution. These founding fathers did not attended the constitutional convention nor did any of them signed on the actual constitutional documents.
  2. The US Constitution is the oldest and shortest Constitution among all the major constituent in the world. It has 4400 words which are written in four pages. The entire constitution is written in four 29 by 24 inches pages. If we add up the signature section, there will be 4543 words including all the amendments.
  3. There are multiple errors in the US Constitution, and some of them are pretty bad. One of the most glaring error is the spelling of Pennsylvania which is written as “Pensylvania”. This mistake was made from one of the delegates when he signed. You can also see this error in the Liberty Bell.
  4. Ben Franklin is known as the first American, and he is also known as the oldest person who signed the Constitution (81 years). The youngest person to sign the Constitution is Jonathan Dayton; he signs the constitution at the age of 26. Ben Franklin is also the only person who signed these four documents – the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Treaty of Alliance, Amity, and Commerce with France (1778) the Treaty of Peace between England, France, and the United States (1782), and the Constitution (1787).
  5. The Thanksgiving was originally made by President George Washington for giving “Thanks” for the constitution. There is not a single mentioning of turkey in this constitution. The establishment of the First National Thanksgiving was on November 26, 1789.
  6. America is not a democratic country. In fact, the word “Democracy” does not exist in the US Constitution. The citizens can make decisions directly in democracy, but in Republic, the people can make decisions indirectly via the representatives. Pure democracy is believed as a dangerous form of government by the men at the convention.
  7. There were 45 Presidents of the United States but only two Presidents have signed the Constitution. These two Presidents were George Washington andJames Madison.

The delegates only took ten days off during the 100 days of the completion of the US Constitution

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